Being happy and positive is a choice. Most of us grew up with no understanding of this. Our Ego has been in control for so long that sometimes it is hard to stay in a state of happiness or joy. Our Ego will always take it away. It is important to catch yourself during the day and recognize when you need a shift in attitude. It is easy in our lives to become distracted and focus on what is wrong, worries and fears rather than everything that is right. (Writing out a gratitude list can always shift your perspective)

It is a simple shift in consciousness/perspective. We need to become present to catch this. We are used to someone else or an event to shift our attitude but on a spiritual path it is actually your responsibility to learn how to shift yourself. Something that helps me is that if I see I am feeling negative, frustrated, angry, anxious, depressed, fearful than it is my ego in control in me at that moment, hour, day, week or month sometimes, stuck in a trance. I ask myself is there really anything wrong in this moment? There typically is not, “All is well”, I just went unconscious again! That is where the Ego lives and wants you to stay there, it is it’s home. I also use a friend’s mantra of Everything is Working Perfectly and in Divine Order, and it is, you can also pray for more light and clear your mind.

It is our job to see, hear and feel what is happening inside of us and shift ourselves into a positive mind frame. We are not to blame others for how we feel, behave or our attitude. No one controls or makes us feel our emotions or behaviors but us. It is the Ego that believes everyone else is responsible for how we feel.

If we are in our Ego then our heart is closed and shuts off the flow of love going in and going out. We are here to grow our heart by opening it. One of our huge tasks as a soul is mastering our ego, our internal world. This is a life journey in itself so be patient and compassionate with yourself. Remember what we feel is what we project on the outside. The idea is to project from our heart, happiness, joy, love, abundance, creativity and purpose around you and not to bring negative events, lack, or anger.

Have an awesome day living in light and positivity, it makes you radiant!

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