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Creating A Life Worth Living Volume 3

Expanding Your World View

“The books in the Creating a life worth living series share messages received from Jesus to guide us along our journey to realize our oneness with Spirit. These books give us practical steps and share personal examples of the process of evolving beyond the fear and control of the ego so that we can become all that God intends for us to be. A must read for those who are seeking guidance from the spirit of Jesus to learn how to establish their own personal connection.”

Mari-Etta Stoner

“Debbie does a wonderful job in explaining how connecting to Spirit helps in the healing process. This is a powerful tool that I have used to help heal my own past hurts and have taught clients to use to participate in their own healing.”

Lori Rocco

“The ‘Creating a life worth living.” trilogy is a glorious gift that encourages us to look within ourselves to find a greater understanding of our life experiences and their impact on the choices we make every day. The idea of mastering thoughts and ego with truth, honesty, love and compassion is a beautiful message that can unquestionably aid is all on our path to discovering a life filled with spirit, joy and purpose. Read it now, you will be so glad you took the time

Lois Huling

“I read this book chapter by chapter, pausing after each one to think about what I had read. I highly recommend this series for anyone struggling with any form of conflict in their life. Thank you Debbie Goldberg, for bringing some peace and love to my life.”

The Novel Lady

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