This is a past conversation with God and I about the Ego. I am sharing my process so you can see how informal, loving and intimate a conversation is with God. I hope this inspires you to build your own deep relationship with Divine Love or helps you increase and sustain yours. xoxo
Me: I don’t want to be stubborn anymore, God.
God: You are not stubborn, Debbie, you are beautiful. The stubbornness is the ego in protection mode. We do not want to demonize the ego. You have felt conflict with others who believe the ego is negative. You have been trying to not view the ego as bad, understanding that it serves many purposes including giving energetic momentum and movement to all of your creations. It is I, God, who created the ego and all of the illusion for you to have a fun experience. You need to remember, Debbie, that the ego is part of the illusion of life. It is not real. It is just a part of your illusionary experience and although you are purely Divine, you need to integrate the ego as part of your human experience.
Me: Some people still look at the ego as something terrible, like I used to.
God: I don’t want you to align with the thought that the ego is terrible. That belief is not helpful. Do you remember when you pinned your 18 and 20-year-old self as the ego and wanted to metaphorically kill those parts of you?
Me: Yes, I remember that, God. It was when I was working on healing those parts of me.
God: There is no part of you or anything within the illusion that is “bad.” Things are just judged as bad. These are misperceptions. In your highest form you judge nothing as “bad.” Do you understand, Debbie?
Me: Yes, I understand. I keep practicing this daily and some days, God, it can be a great challenge. Can the ego go higher? Jesus told me that the ego couldn’t communicate with the higher self.
God: The ego does not go higher, it is you that has mastered staying more present and have become a witness to your internal world without judging yourself or the ego. It is true, Debbie, the ego cannot communicate with higher consciousness, it is not real. It is YOU that starts to appreciate the role that ego energy plays, therefore, there is no more conflict with it. You are still getting upset because you drift off into unconsciousness and continue to experience self judgment. You then become frustrated with yourself and ego thoughts. It is not necessary to be frustrated just keep shifting yourself back to Me. It is a growth process. Accept and embrace the ego as you call it, an ‘ illusionary energetic travel partner’, as a helper of understanding contrast and for awakening purposes. You feel vibrationally higher by not judging yourself, the ego or getting frustrated with it. It is only helping you grow in mastering yourself energetically. The lesson at hand is learning to love all parts of you and seeing this magical life experience as fun.
©Debbie N. Goldberg
A Divinely Ordered Life

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