“Are you ready to listen?” – God 

Conflict with family members became the impetus for my Spiritual Awakening.

I questioned myself with

“what was I doing that was creating grief within myself and people that I love?”

Debbie N. Goldberg

Author, Spiritual Teacher, Podcast Host, Retired Therapist

As I rolled around in my balled-up tissues praying, no begging for a voice, a sign, the answer, anything…I suddenly heard quite clearly, “are you ready to listen?” I immediately gasped and sheepishly answered, “yes” into the air, quite fearful of what else I would hear. All my life I rebelled. I never wanted to hear, I rarely took advice. I charted a course and barrelled my way through it – so it was apropos that the first thing I am asked is “are you ready to listen?” You see, because I never allowed myself to feel my feelings I kept myself away from my truth. I started asking myself questions such as; “what am I doing that is creating pain in my life.” This is what opened the door to our Creator. I was willing to accept responsibility for what I was creating, and finally willing to listen. I was trying to unlock what desperately wanted to break free, but I had no idea who or what that was. As a cultural Jew and traditional psychotherapist, the spiritual was a realm unknown to me.  It was during a workshop that I began to open up to the idea that the Divine was living within me and was trying to wake me from a walking slumber. Well, as the way Divine Love works, I was gracefully and lovingly confronted by the inner children who were hurt, lost and ignored for decades, living inside of me asking to be acknowledged and healed. I met the Divine and was gifted with a new life calling to teach healing and share this spiritual journey with you. My books were dictated to me by Spirit and I remain in daily dialogue with our Creator in an effort to further my consciousness and help others who seek to be awakened as well. I am dedicated to helping individuals heal from their past wounds, awaken to a life filled with joy and possibility and develop a direct and daily dialogue with the Divine so you can be lead from within to your purpose… won’t you join me?Are You suffering from Spiritual Symptoms


Debbie N. Goldberg is a retired therapist who practiced for eighteen years providing treatment for mental health and substance abuse. She has worked in a variety of settings and is now in private practice as a Divine Therapist and Spiritual Teacher. She was Spiritually awakened by Jesus and taught God’s Universal Divine Love and Wisdom. These conversations transformed her life and set her on a course of self-discovery through Divine introspection with God. Debbie believes that you cannot heal or understand your True identity without the Love and Truth that comes from a one on one intimate relationship with Divine Love. This ultimately leads you to your Divine calling.

Her priority is connecting people to the Divine relationship of Oneness within, as this ends the faulty belief of separation from God that creates pain and suffering. As part of fulfilling her Divine purpose, she has written two, three-volume book series called ‘Creating A Life Worth Living,’ first edition, for the Spiritual beginner and ‘A Divinely Ordered Life,’ second edition, for the more advanced seeker. You can find her book series on Amazon. Debbie credits Jesus, God and the Angels for graciously dictating all of her books and writings. She has collaborated and written a chapter in a book called ‘Inspired Health Journeys’ with nine other seasoned Health Coaches. She has also co-authored two books called Gateway to an Enlightened World – Collective Life Lessons on Personal Transformation and Collective Life Lessons to Support Planetary Transformation.

Debbie was a video podcast host on Angel Heart Radio and on Enlightened World Network. She was also involved in programming for Enlightened World Network and participates in several live video broadcasts. Debbie helps others understand the journey of Divine self-discovery and wisdom. She brings the Divine knowledge and experience of her own awakening into her work to inspire healing, love, joy, purpose and creativity to each of us as we work through our own journey Home.

Helping people heal, inspiring hope and connecting to love