“Are you ready to listen?” – God 


“My self-induced pressure to succeed

and lack of self-care

was the impetus to my spiritual awakening”

Debbie N. Goldberg

Author, Spiritual Teacher, Podcast Host, Retired Therapist

As I rolled around in my balled-up tissues praying, no begging for a voice, a sign, the answer, anything…I suddenly heard quite clearly, “are you ready to listen?” I immediately gasped and sheepishly answered, “yes” into the air, quite fearful of what else I would hear. All my life I rebelled. I never wanted to hear, I rarely took advice. I charted a course and barrelled my way through it – so it was apropos that the first thing I am asked is “are you ready to listen?” You see, because I never allowed myself to feel my feelings I kept myself away from my truth. I started asking myself questions such as; “what am I doing that is creating pain in my life.” This is what opened the door to our Creator. I was willing to accept responsibility for what I was creating, and finally willing to listen. I was trying to unlock what desperately wanted to break free, but I had no idea who or what that was. As a Jewish therapist, the spiritual was a realm unknown to me. It was during a workshop that I began to open up to the idea that the Divine was living within me and was trying to wake me from a walking slumber. Well, like a spiritual slap to the face, I was confronted by the inner children who were hurt, lost and ignored for decades, living inside of me asking to be acknowledged and healed. I met the Divine and was gifted with a new life calling to teach healing and share this spiritual journey with you. My books were dictated to me by Spirit and I remain in daily dialogue with our Creator in an effort to further my consciousness and help others who seek to be awakened as well. I am dedicated to helping individuals heal from their past wounds, awaken to a life filled with joy and possibility and develop a direct and daily dialogue with the Divine so you can be lead from within to your purpose… won’t you join me?Are You suffering from Spiritual Symptoms