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Debbie N. Goldberg, Divine Therapist, Spiritual Teacher, Author and Video Podcast Host

Divine Therapy
Helping people heal, inspiring hope and connecting to Divine Love

Being in communion with God, Jesus and the Angels allows me to offer Divinely guided therapy steeped in Divine Laws.  The foundation of therapy is unconditional Love and Divine Truth in order to help you engage in your own connection with Divine Love or deepen it. This connection inspires healing yourself and Spiritual transformation through Divine wisdom. Therapy is non-denominational.

My intention is to inspire Spiritual transformation within you. Through individual or group sessions, I guide you to the Divinity in your heart, where all healing, love, light, passion and purpose live.

Let me introduce myself. I am a retired licensed psychotherapist that specialized in mental health and substance abuse issues. Through my own Divine Awakening and healing I have been taught God’s universal Love and wisdom to bring forth transformation in others. This profound change only comes from having an intimate relationship with your creator and this is the foundation of Divine Therapy. 

Through my own relationship with God, Jesus and the Angels I am Divinely led to offer guidance that is specific towards your needs and in your highest good. My main intention is to hold a space of love while I guide you into making your own Divine connection and help you understand the Spiritual Transformation process of awakening, healing, ascending and sustaining a Divine relationship. This allows you to move into a more joyful loving life filled with passion, creativity and purpose. Imagine the joy of being in Holy Communion with Divine Love, fully known, abundant, loved and adored and how that might change your life.

Living in harmony means living in acceptance, self-love and peace within yourself. The only way harmony can occur is through a direct relationship with your Creator as you understand who you are from Divine Truth and not Earthly understandings. This is the ultimate goal of Divine Therapy. When you can let go, accept, allow and align, trusting in Divine Love to guide you, transformation happens and it happens quickly.

This is your life’s journey and mission, to return Home, understand, accept and believe that you are completely safe, loved, guided and cared for, that you are not broken, you are eternally one with Divine Perfection.

It is a privilege and honor to serve you as you journey into Oneness.


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