Developing Your Dialogue With The Divine (1:1)

Do you ever wish that you could experience divine guidance…guidance that could just tell you when you’re on the right path? A compass that you could just pull out of your pocket any time you were challenged with a decision?

Sure, your ears are open; you’re waiting for the clouds to part and a thunderous voice to tell you… GO!

But the reality is, this voice has been speaking to you your entire life. It takes a trained ear and heart to actually have this dialogue with the divine and ultimately be able to see the path that has been laid before you.

In our 90-days together, we will explore the areas of your life or business that you are seeking guidance with and develop a daily practice of calling upon your spirit guides. Together, along with your guides, we will create a purpose plan that will layout the necessary steps to keep you moving toward your goals and becoming your self.


Healing the Heart (1:1)

So many of the blocks that keep us from love, prosperity, health and joy are due to the hurt we keep within ourselves. Many of us can pinpoint the various times in our lives when we walked away broken, wounded. Others seem fine; living a seemingly successful life with little regard for the obstacles of the past.

Little do we know, that the stumbling blocks that continue to present themselves in our lives usually stem from the unhealed heart.

Your relationship is a holy union, carefully picked by your Creator. We discover a new way to Spiritually look at your relationship by viewing it as a mirror. Both are teacher and student and are here on their individual journey to learn from each other and to cultivate expertise in unconditional love. This creates enormous healing thats is sure to reignite your Soul’s passion, which is to love.

We can heal ourselves and free the hurt beings within us to unlock a better, more joyful self in order to create a life of true meaning.

Together we will work on clearing those blocks, healing the damages and freeing all of the ties that bind you in your life and work.

The Purposeful Partnership

Do you consider your relationship with your partner broken? Little intimacy, years of blame, disinterest, just going through the motions?

A romantic partnership is a gift, it is a privilege not given to all and when two whole people can come together around common goals it is the equivalent of relationship rocket fuel.

Your relationship may be bruised broken even, but it’s not irreparable. The reason we put on our own oxygen mask when faced with an in-flight emergency is so that we can help someone else adequately.

Have you ever considered that you’re been trying to save your loved one when you yourself can’t breathe? It is not his fault, it is not her fault but we must come to the table as a whole, fully loved and loving being in order to thrive in partnership.

I work with both of you individually, not to gather the he said/she said, but to uncover the hurt and perceived shortcomings we project on our partner.

I work with you as a couple to reestablish the respect, the admiration and the dialogue to propel you into bliss for years to come. The tools we need for success and stimulation change over the the years… let’s get you a new toolbox that is sure to reignite the souls you’ve both become.

The Love Yourself, Anti-Anxiety Intensive

I bet you would give anything to stop the tears. To stop lying in bed comparing yourself to everyone else in your News Feed; to stop wishing for a better body, a better paycheck, a new boyfriend, less pain. If happiness feels desperately out of reach – you may be depressed.

There are very real signs of anxiety and depression and thankfully there are very real tools (not always medication) that can treat, diminish and even wipe away the depression you are feeling today.

The key is love. If that sentence makes you want to throw your laptop in the oven at 400 degrees – Let’s talk. You don’t like your depressed self and I would like to show you the keys to finding that love and having happiness on tap… every day!

With each weekly call, I will teach you the science and art of keeping anxiety at bay so that you can live your dreams and reach your goals with ease.