Divine revelation is an awareness of Divine wisdom. It is Divine Truth that makes its way into your knowingness and your thought process. It is I, God, revealing Myself to you.

I AM speaking to you all of the time. Some will hear wisdom auditorily and others will simply feel and know it. It is a Holy moment when Divine revelation takes over all other perspectives…when the veil of your physical senses is lifted and you see things through Divine eyes.  You are given an awareness or knowingness that you have not had before, a deeper level of perception, a more expansive view of a Divine Truth of which you had but little understanding.

I AM helping you understand your journey each step of the way. At precise moments I help you have more clarity about yourself, others, the Divine mystery that is your life and its inseparable connection with Me.  Your life is a journey of co-creation as Spirit. It is a journey of understanding your experiences on a spiritual level, a level that can be difficult to attain if you stay bound by the limitations of your physical senses and subdued by the domination of your ego.

My revelation will come to you gradually, quietly, as you spend more time with Me, close to Me, conversing with Me, experiencing and understanding the Oneness of all Creation. It may come to you through the whispered words that you hear when you are attentive to the rhythms of Nature, through a person, a friend, or a life situation, anything that gives birth to a heightened internal awareness that allows Me to shift you to a Divine perspective.

I AM always guiding you whether you hear Me or are simply aware of MY presence. Many call this sense of awareness, intuition. Intuition is a connection with Divine wisdom in which you are prompted to know something, inspired with a spark of creativity/genius or to take action. Intuition comes from a universal connectedness of Oneness.

Everyone has intuitive abilities, but many do not recognize that when intuition brings Divine revelation, a higher understanding, the source of that deep intuitive feeling or knowingness is Me. Tied to your earthly senses, your powers of thought, analysis and ego, you believe you figured something out on your own or that the lesson learned was simply the end product of a series of life experiences.  But this isn’t true. You are not living this life separate and alone.

You can never be separated from Me for we are taking this journey together as One. Over time you will understand more. Divine revelation will never cease to be given to you for it is your task to awaken to the Truth of who you are, One with Me, Divine Love remembering itself.

©Debbie N. Goldberg


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