We have a world crying out for peace and unity. It is my understanding through God that peace is a given, an eternal gift, our natural state of being. As I reflect on what is happening in our world I am reminded that what we see on the outside is just a snapshot of our own internal dynamic – the war within – the illusion of dark and light always competing and fighting with each other.

Unity is an inside job. If we want peace and unity we have to find a way to fashion a peace treaty within. We can do this by accepting with love and grace all of the diversity that lives within us during this incarnation.

I know I have spent a significant amount of time wishing I did not hear the voice of fear, the voice of ego tormenting me, breaking down my confidence, making me forget my true essence…that I AM the presence of God.  Listening to ego with all of its annoying and frustrating fears and challenges simply continues the war within, trying to break me down by making me believe things that – really are just not true.  The normal reaction for many is to argue with ego but that’s just a waste of time, a hopeless argument with an imaginary force of energy.  Arguing with ego simply leads to even more internal division and unrest.

We have to learn how not to feed into the negative energy of thoughts, voices or images that are there to create contrast.  Contrast; meaning it offers the opposite of Divine Truth. This gives us the ability to keep discerning what it is that we actually or want to believe and the choice to go higher in our thoughts and perceptions. It is a moment-to-moment opportunity to awaken over and over again to Divine Truth. An opportunity to return Home to love.

When I was awakened by and to Divine Truth I was told to let those fearful negative thoughts and voices just pass by, not to feed into them, to just ignore them. What is interesting is that until I awakened, I wasn’t really conscious of the cacophony of negative thoughts and voices going on in my mind.  It was a stunning revelation, and while I have worked diligently to ignore the fear and negative energy there are still times I become overwhelmed and frustrated and find myself arguing with an ego thought system.  It is a never-ending process, yet overtime, I have made significant progress.

When we listen to the ego and its faulty thoughts it creates the illusion of separation both within and outside of us. Due to this faulty belief in separation we often dislike parts of our self, things that we think or do. We fragment ourselves into aspects of good and bad and then project them onto others, deeming others as wrong or right – judging the mirror reflection that we don’t always recognize as something we dislike about our self. We judge our self and others, not seeing the perfection of our diverse and expansive characters as Divine Love.

In order for us to remember our eternal essence and ascend back to the peace that we already are, we have to grasp onto and maintain a perspective of unity. This means that we must accept the illusion of our internal struggle with all of its thoughts and fears, all of the voices and negative energy of ego, all of the amazing various aspects of self, allowing all of it to be just as it is, but without giving it power, allowing Spirit to lead.

We attain peace through loving the experience, loving and forgiving our self for listening to or believing the fear stories created by the illusionary war within. We need to accept that this is all part of the incarnation experience, that it is not wrong, it just is. We need to have gratitude and a sense of humor for this miracle experience of life. We only need to transcend the ego belief system. After all, there is only the One mind of God and that is all there ever is or was.

Unity through Love is the only way to keep the peace. We are One unified force of Love. There is only Divine consciousness that we all share. It’s time to stop believing and reacting to ego thoughts. See it for what it is – an energetic offering of contrast. Each of us is a perfectly integrated and whole Divine being. This can never change regardless of what we learn from our physical senses or ego thought system.

The more we can accept our own diverse being with love, compassion and forgiveness the more we will have peace and unity within and without. This is how we create world peace.

Below is an entry in my journal of a discussion with God about the nature of right and wrong. This is exactly what I experience within my relationship with God and yes, I receive scripted messages!

Journal Entry 2/3/19

Me:  God, how do I explain that there is no right or wrong, especially when someone brings up murder or abuse? How do I convey not to judge, even though I don’t like it? I don’t like violence.

God:  It is not easy when others do not understand the concept of earth or your existence being an illusion. You are to say “I know everything is in God’s hands. I believe in the concept that life is a dream or illusion. I don’t like violence, but I do not understand God’s expansiveness and why these things occur. I leave any judging or deciding for Him. I am allowed to not like something without judging it. I also believe that Soul Print Energy (egoic faulty belief system) is playing a role in everything that happens and that what happens on the outside is a mirror image of our internal dynamic. Therefore, until conflict is resolved within and reconciled, we are still going to see struggle and chaos outside of ourselves. Yet, seeing or perceiving struggle and dysfunction is also purposeful in providing contrast, which creates opportunities for awakening. This leads you to search your own heart and mind to where anger, hatred, shame, revenge, guilty and judgment lie within you. I believe God corrects all of these faulty beliefs and perspectives through a relationship with Him. He needs to teach you the Truth about yourself, what you see outside yourself, your worldview and who He is. God reconciles all of the conflict and helps you accept the diversity of being Divine and having a human experience.

I AM the only healer of your heart.

I AM the One who teaches you about your perfection.

I AM the One who created you.

I AM the One who cherishes you and

brings you back to believing in the

beautiful Spirit that you are.

I fix broken hearts and minds and

help you remember that this life

is just an illusion prodding you to

wake up to your Divine nature.’

©Debbie N. Goldberg
A Divinely Ordered Life



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