Here is a great analogy that helped me understand what hinders our ability to see our self as a completely whole, completely integrated Divine being. Imagine a large mirror that is broken in several fragments. Each fragment represents an aspect of you including the parts that you keep hidden. All of these aspects make up your whole being. Your true identity is Divine, but your ego plays a role in creating a persona, a character, that hides your Divine identity. The ego fragments your whole being by emphasizing and compartmentalizing all of your aspects. The ego categorizes all aspects as either good or bad.

The ego strives to only show your “good aspects” in a calculated attempt to receive attention and validation from others. Your ego believes that receipt of positive attention and validation is based on how you are perceived by others rather than your Divine perfection. It hides aspects or behaviors that is sees as conflicting with its faulty belief system. If you are angry, depressed and/or have a lack of self-worth your ego attacks itself and leads you down a path of self-destruction emotionally, medically and or physically. At the same time it also tries to hide your beliefs and actions from others, making you appear as if nothing is wrong.

With this understanding in mind we can take a closer look at the ‘metaphorical mirror of life’. What you see outside of yourself is a reflection of your internal dynamic…your consciousness at different levels. The mirror shows you all of the conscious and unconscious aspects of your self. It shows you your Divine nature but, even then, you don’t recognize what you are seeing as being a reflection of your self.

The mirror reflects your human side and is viewed through the lens of ego’s judgment; just like contrast – positive and negatives – the mirror works both ways. It is as if the ego were looking at a fun house mirror and seeing things distorted, the opposite of what they really are. When you are unaware of Divine Truth you believe what the ego tells you. This distorted reflection is what distracts you from the core of who you truly are…pure Divine Love.

Everything you see and everyone you encounter shows you your internal dynamic. But it is being done in such a subtle way that you don’t realize that you are actually being shown a reflection of your inner self. The trick is that you have to learn how to correctly read and understand everything you see and everyone you encounter on a daily basis. This is learned through your relationship with God as Divine Love keeps revealing itself to you.

A mirror analogy is a great example because your “eye” or ego cannot see or view your own internal dynamic (consciousness). We all think we understand our internal workings through our individual cognitive processes. The ego cannot see itself. It can only see its reflection in another person or situation.The ego does not recognize that it is only seeing a faulty projected image, a skewed fragment of what it believes about itself.

With each reflection or interaction with another person, we are given opportunities to view ourselves from a different angle, getting a different perspective each time. It is like looking into a pool of water and seeing your reflection. Whatever the emotion, expression (affect or behavior) that you see in others is a fragment of what is hiding within you, who you are at that moment, who you have been in the past, or who you will be in the future. These fragments are the sum parts of the whole self.

Think about a time when you thought you knew someone because you had them neatly tucked away and categorized as being this, that, or something else. Then one day you see a different side (angle/fragment) of them you had never seen before and you are surprised, pleasantly or not so pleasantly. This is happening daily as you keep seeing snippets of yourself reflected in other people. These snippets each reflect a part of the true and complete you. These reflections are also showing you the parts of yourself and feelings that you hide from self and others.

These hurting parts of us need a lot of love, compassion, acceptance and Divine Truth in order to heal. We have a tendency to view and define our self through these fragments, these moments or seasons of our life. This makes it extremely difficult to view our self as a completely integrated Divine being that is innocent and perfect.

This amazing reflective quality in everyone and everything we encounter is created by God to help us awaken to a more perfect understanding of our unique and diverse Divine nature. Within our interpersonal relationships everyone with whom we interact, regardless of gender, age, race, etc., mirrors us. Each person reflects a specific aspect of us, one or more fragments of our self. We are all holding a mirror up for each other so that we can see what is being reflected back to us and, if we are attentive to what we are being shown, arrive at a better understanding of ourselves, awaken, heal, and reconnect to God to answer us with Divine Truth.

It’s unfortunate that so very few of us understand how this reflective mirror works. We struggle through our daily existence unhappy at work, unfulfilled in our relationships, unconnected to Spirit, our source, and our true foundation. This is why we make poor relationship choices or unknowingly create conflict with loved ones or why the divorce rates are so high. We don’t realize that all of the distasteful things that we see in our partner are simply parts of our self, aspects of our own personality crying for acceptance or healing. Many times our lesson is learning how to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

Whatever I may dislike about you is in reality a part of who I am. Whatever you dislike about me is a part of who you are. We are mirrors each for the other. This revelation can be pretty uncomfortable. Of course, most of us are much more comfortable avoiding the mirror and telling ourselves that all of the unexamined prejudices and beliefs we’ve learned from childhood and programming are true because we can see it all in the things we dislike in others. Our task is to learn forgiveness and unconditional love and to bypass judgment for we do not understand what we see or why we are seeing it. We can have the preference of not liking something without judging it wrong or right, good or bad.

We view other people as being separate and distinct from our self.  Our ego only sees people in fragments, only within the context of their own life and personality.  Ego is unable to see itself reflected in others and will act appalled at times not realizing it is judging its own faulty projection. The illusion of our physical body hides the truth of our Oneness, that we are a ‘collective whole’, One consciousness and that all of what we perceive of life is taking place in our very mind; infinite intelligence and creativity, consciousness.

The ego is unable to conceptualize a diverse whole self, population or universe founded in the substance of God’s Spirit. This is our challenge…to see our self as a whole Divine being not fragments of an incomplete self. When we look into the mirror of everyone and everything around us we must realize that we are seeing our self as one completely whole and perfectly integrated being, fully present in God’s image – Consciousness – Divine Love.

Your wholeness and Divine nature never changes. Loving all aspects of self will create a joyful peace within therefore fulfilling your Divine destiny as a complete delight.


©Debbie N. Goldberg
A Divinely Ordered Life Book Series-


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