A discussion with God 2/13/19

 Soul Print Energy Consciousness (SPEC) is an illusion, an energetic pattern of faulty beliefs, stories and thoughts that are grounded in the belief of separation which includes fear, illness, scarcity, victimhood, etc. These patterns of false beliefs and illusions are the foundation of all of the stories, fears and conflicts that have dominated how you’ve experienced your life to date.  

This means that everything we see, think, and believe about our self, our physical existence, and our past and current earthly experience is an illusion. This illusion even includes the myths, the stories about past lives and ascension theories we use to explain the mystery of being a Spiritual being having a human experience. The ego is steeped in the SPEC and it feeds on and draws all of its conclusions from this faulty thinking system. 

Although we all share the same SPEC we have our own personal collection of stories that explain and justify to us why we see what we see, feel what we feel, think what we think, and act the way we do. Until we are able to awaken to the truth of who we are, we live like a character in a story, the story of our life that is being written not by us, but by our SPEC. 

In truth, all we are is Divine Consciousness. We are Divine Consciousness dreaming that we are having this earthly experience. It is a dream that is supposed to be fun. We are Divine Consciousness, infinite imagination and intelligence, projecting our lives onto an illusionary world stage. Each of our individual stories are Divinely orchestrated and executed perfectly. Actually, our lives are already done and completed.

Even though this SPEC is an illusion, it feels completely real. The beliefs and thoughts that the SPEC creates within provide context for our day-to-day life. Each of us has her/his own unique, individually scripted, story. The SPEC is used by the ego to create all the drama and chaos in our life and world.

Even though the SPEC is an unavoidable product of our dream experience it is created by God so that we can experience all of the joys and sorrows of an imaginary physical existence which, in turn, provides context for the full enjoyment of our spiritual awakening to Divine Truth. Our awakening story unfolds at the precise moments it was meant to.

The dream is not always pleasant, but it is never really harmful, even though in the midst of your dream you may feel in danger, helpless and afraid. There is nothing to fear. You are not your body. You are pure Spirit, Divine Consciousness having an experience in your mind. Everything is always in Divine order. You are always protected and connected to your life source. Your journey within, your journey to Spirit, validates that only Oneness as Love exists.

God: “The SPEC creates the illusion that everyone has her/his own energy. The illusion fragments and separates people because it appears as though everyone has their own physical body, their own energy and life experience. But this is a faulty perception; it is an illusion. While in human form you use your senses to feel energy, label it and call it someone else’s. When you step back from the illusion you understand there is only One energy and it is Mine: and it cannot be separated or divided in any way. 

 For the purposes of the illusion one believes and labels the energy with feeling words, such as, happy, sad, angry, anxious and decides whether it is good or bad. It would be easier to look at energy as different levels of density. The same way you would look at furniture or a wall, the molecules are so close together that it creates density and therefore you see something solid. Take a feather or a cloud. They are much lighter as the molecules are further apart and therefore they have little or no weight.

When you are unaware or asleep in the illusion, you are constantly assessing each other by feeling each other’s energies. This is all part of the ego’s attempts to keep you safe. In truth, there is no separation and all energy is One. This illusion is happening within you, your mind, consciousness. The whole universe lives within you because you are One with My energy and it cannot be separated. I always have everything in balance even though it may not feel that way to you.

However, when you feel out of emotional or physical balance, together, you and I balance your energy. When you are with someone whose energy feels dense it is wonderful to let your love transmute it, to soften it…which is really remembering and reconnecting with Me, back to the energy of Love. This cultivates great compassion and grace for others and yourself.

Debbie, we have spent a lot of time learning how to balance energy by using the example of planets in the solar system. You practiced taking in the dense energy of a planet into your balanced energy you combined your energy with that of the planet until the planet’s energy and yours were balanced in a state of Love. When the energies were in perfect balance they were released back out into the Universe to act as a beacon of Light and Love. The balancing transformed that energy to the highest vibration of the universe that is, of course, MY Love and the only Truth.

The exercise was to help you understand how you are to be balancing the energy of the universe since it is all flowing through you. There is no such thing as the physical body. There is only a continuum of energy flow. I know that many people put up walls to try and protect their energy, but putting up imaginary walls is useless.

There is only the natural flow of energy, and you and everyone and every thing is a part of that flow and it needs to be brought into balance within you when you feel unbalanced. When you feel that the energy is unbalanced it is because, once again, you are caught up in the belief of separation. When we practiced balancing energy we did it together with Angelica (Angel) & Jesus. Always remember that you are not doing this work alone.

I AM always keeping your energy in the perfect vibration of Love, however, for this life experience, know that all energy is moving within you and the illusion creates the sensation that energy is unbalanced (emotions). We have talked often about you returning Home (consciously) to be reconciled and rebalanced in Truth and it is no different for when you are feeling as if other people’s energies are colliding with yours and making you feel uncomfortable. You are only feeling yourself.”

These energetic experiences are all part of this earth-story and collectively we are all sharing this energy that at times feels so unbalanced. Each of us is responsible for recognizing when our energy feels unbalanced. When that happens, it is our task to return Home to see and understand that our energy is always in balance, no matter how helter-skelter things may seem. Again, it is all part of the experience of the illusion. In reality, there is only Perfect Oneness.

©Debbie N. Goldberg
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