“Quiet Servitude” – a message from God reframing the word ‘Servitude’

“Quiet Servitude” – a message from God reframing the word ‘Servitude’

The dictionary describes the word ‘servitude’ as slavery, however, “I AM” reframing this word for you in the way it was meant to be understood. Servitude means ‘in service to’. If you notice at the end of the word servitude is ‘tude’ as in attitude.

For many years people believed that ‘servitude’ meant slavery because of historical events that included slavery. Also, most people didn’t understand the intended meaning of the term ‘service’ when used in religious doctrine as in the concept of ‘service to ME, the Creator. Many people thought that this meant that they had to give things up, live a certain way, or engage in different types of sacrifices. For this article, we are using the term ‘servitude’ as ‘joyfully being in service to Me-God, yourself and others because all there is is ‘One’ that is being served.

People underestimate the power of ‘quiet servitude’. ‘Quiet servitude’ for most of us conjures visions of cloistered monks or those who have taken a vow of silence and spend their life in quiet service; but there are many more ways to understand the term.

When you are in silent prayer or meditation you are in ‘quiet servitude’, which is the highest form of holding a space of love. This creates an extremely powerful presence of ‘I AM’ within you.

When you are in communion with ME, God, meaning having a mutual love and adoration for each other and having sacred intimate conversation, you are in ‘quiet servitude’.

Servitude does not mean that you have to take a vow of silence, or that your voice is unimportant. Nor does it mean that you should stop serving others in your daily experience. I want you to understand that being still and quiet is serving just as much if not more at times then ‘doing’.

You can also apply the practice of ‘quiet servitude’ as not always feeling the need to speak out constantly unless it is necessary as your words, your intended meaning, your tone and energy etc. impact others in ways that you cannot always comprehend. You need to be thoughtful in your communication, meaning that your words are heart centered and coming from an ‘I’ position is of utmost importance. This means pausing before you speak. Have you spoken with “ME” about your beliefs to gain more perspective before you share your thoughts? Can you allow a more expansive view on life then what you have right now? Can you make a practice of Knowing your truth does not make other’s beliefs wrong and that their truth does not make you wrong?

Are you willing to expand your understanding of self to include the Truth that there is enough love within you to allow for differences without it causing fear in you? Can you accept others as they are, without wanting to change them? Can you see your sisters and brothers as the light of perfection no matter how they are performing in their own story? The ability to allow differences is also practicing ‘quiet servitude’.

We are moving into a more thoughtful reality that is centered in Love, and our perception of life is much more expanded because we allow Divine Truth to keep discerning for us. Ask to see things from a higher Truth. This is what will create more ‘quiet servitude’ within you. Let the gentle strength of Love fill you and allow its resonance to satisfy you for this is your natural state. This is how we go forward into the new world – Living from a higher, more expanded consciousness. -God-

Mantra – I am peaceful within the ‘I AM’ presence and its powerful quiet servitude.

©Debbie N. Goldberg

A  New You – A New World – A Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

A New You – A New World – A Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

A New You – A New World – A Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

Since December 2019 I have been Divinely guided to understand that a shift in consciousness was coming. In fact, it has already taken place. It is a shedding of our beliefs within the illusion of ego consciousness. Many of us already know that life is akin to a dream, and that we have been steeped in something called Soul Print Energy Consciousness (SPEC), which essentially is the fear narrative of the ego. I am reminded that the ego is not real; that the consciousness that I have long believed is driving me is just an illusion that has created a belief in duality and separation.

The paradigm shift is releasing all of the beliefs and stories that come along with ego consciousness (SPEC). We have been living under the influence of an illusion. Leading up to this paradigm shift, many of us that are awake have come to understand the illusion of ego and have worked diligently to stop believing in those thoughts, beliefs and constructs. Yet, we still talk about the illusion as if it exists, which only serves to perpetuate it. This is nothing to feel guilty about it just means we have to work harder at not falling for the old stories.

Moving into the new world is moving into higher levels of consciousness in which belief in ego no longer exists, even though we might still see remnants of it. We are moving into a state in which we are more open and allow ourselves to be guided by our Divine Blueprint. What is interesting is that we are indeed only Divine, yet we believe through the earth experience, that we are only human due to the illusion of separation. Our Divine identity has never changed. We are always in harmony and in balance with our Creator as Oneness, yet our experience of an earthly life has led us to believe otherwise. It is an intensely powerful illusion.

In my meditations I have been seeing a huge sailboat sailing peacefully over a beautiful tranquil sea in which Divinity and humanity embrace and enjoy the journey inextricably united together. There is no destination, just the journey. It is a journey of letting go and saying good-bye to the old-world system of beliefs, in which there is an unbridgeable separation between humans and the Divine.

I ask God if we are sailing in uncharted waters and He says, “No, this is the new world.” I recognize the sailboat is a metaphor for understanding the amazing shift that is happening in our consciousness. We are in a dream within a dream, moving out of a three-dimensional consciousness and into an awareness of a higher vibration, a higher level of consciousness, the vibration of Love. We are returning back to more of our natural Divine state as we keep awakening from the illusion and are willing to accept our Divinity.

All these changes are taking place within a new chapter of an increased awareness within our dream. As our awareness expands, the vibration of Love becomes a state of being, not just a feeling. It is a return to who we truly are. After all, we have never truly left our Divine Home; we have only taken time out for dreaming.

It is truly a miracle and magnificent gift to participate in this Divinely orchestrated theatrical stage of life and to intend and anticipate with joy the great unfolding of oneself and the world. This awareness and this new understanding or perspective of perfect Divine order brings a sense of relief and peace; when we come to understand and believe that we are One Mind, One Love, Divine Consciousness/God – Infinite Intelligence experiencing a creative dream.

Each of us awakens/ascends at a different time and pace. Therefore, there is still work to be done as we and our sisters and brothers continue to struggle with the belief that we still need to be healed from our brokenness due to our perceived separation. As we experience life we often look for healing, it is normal and part of our human process. Acceptance of our innocence and Divine Holiness takes time.

As we journey, it is very important to continue to feel our feelings and process the energy. It takes love, kindness and courage to allow ourselves to feel in order to transmute and transform lower vibrational energy back to love so that we may feel in balance once again; and yet this too, is also part of the illusion for the Truth of who we are is never out of balance. In Truth, no one is broken. No one needs healing. We ARE Divine perfection. The only thing we need to be healed from is faulty beliefs and what we perceive and experience as negative experiences. We just need to detach from the belief in ego. It can be just as difficult to let go of ego consciousness, as it is to accept our Divine perfection, yet this is the transformation and paradigm shift in consciousness that is happening right now.

We need to be patient, loving and compassionate with others and ourselves as we transition into a more internal harmonious environment by accepting rather than judging the diversity of our nature. As this acceptance occurs it will manifests into our outer world. As we journey into higher awareness, we understand that the energy of Love is all that exists and anything that we perceive as something other than Love is all part of the grand illusion. It is only when we remain tethered to the illusion of ego consciousness that we succumb to the irresistible impulse to judge and label everything as good, bad, right or wrong. These judgments have created the faulty lens through which we have viewed and perceived all of our experiences. Nothing is ever happening to us; it is all happening within us. Our ascension into awareness is always ongoing, however, it can be a sudden or slower process. Either way, it is Divinely orchestrated and a unique experience based on each person’s journey. There is no need for attaching labels or imposing judgments about Divine timing.

Moving into the new world means letting go, as your mind allows you to move out of the illusion of ego consciousness/SPEC. It is very important to stay in reality with God – Divine Truth, as the veil of unconsciousness continues to fade. The more time you can spend quietly listening within and following the prompts that you hear, the more smoothly and peaceful your journey will go.The paradigm shift is within you. You are moving into a higher awareness of Divine consciousness and as the process shifts within, you will see it manifest on the outside. Allow, accept and let the process unfold within you. It is Divinely guided. No resistance, frustration or expectations are necessary. Allow yourself to ‘just be’, no pressure, no ‘I should’ or ‘I shouldn’t.’

Even after we discover this wisdom of Higher Consciousness, it does not change the fact that we are living this dream. As we navigate away from a state of ego consciousness, these faulty beliefs and illusions may still linger, but we need to remember that we have an amazing role to play in humanity and can go about our roles in a much more light-hearted, heart-centered joyful way. Letting go of the ego’s judgment makes it easier to enjoy the journey and respect what we and others came here to do, which is to spread love and light with our unique gifts.

Stand in your beautiful perfect self without excuses and own your true identity. Everything starts with you. You create harmony within as you keep letting go of the old illusion, leaving old constructs behind and the beliefs from the whispers of ego. The only way to flow into this new world is by staying in peaceful joy, anticipating goodness and trusting your Creator to bring you into a more loving, kind, and harmonious world, a new you, a new dream. Show willingness to trust in God to change you and you will experience profound peace even though you cannot see the future. Trust with your heart not your eyesight.

Your transformation will be taken care of from within. God shifts your awareness for it is governed by a Divine timeline. Believe your transformation is already done by becoming deeply rooted in Divine Love, trust and its security and protection. Stay present in each moment, in your knowingness and remember that you are an eternal flame of love and light having a virtual experience. Feel the gratitude within your heart knowing that you are always deeply loved, guided and at One with the Divine Creator of your life as it expresses itself through you and as you.

By Debbie N. Goldberg

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