The Daily Routine that Keeps You Balanced

The Daily Routine that Keeps You Balanced

Keeping ourselves in balance emotionally, physically and spiritually is an awesome task but over time it gets easier. Everyday and sometimes more than once a day we need to check in with ourselves to see if we are in balance, in tune, present, conscious, and taking great care of us. It’s like taking your car in for a checkup, and we have to look under the hood– we need to do this with ourselves daily. So many of us are busy with today’s life, taking care of children, partners, co-workers, friends, family, our homes, jobs, etc. that we forget about ourselves. We are exhausted. Many of us are hooked on the adrenaline rush and the cortisol flowing through our body that we just keep moving to the next thing as fast as we can. We are killing ourselves with this flow of chemicals in us that is created in our own brain and is manifesting in physical illness, medical problems, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, behavioral problems to name a few. When I started my journey, I found an app for my phone that is an insight timer and I set it to go off several times a day to remind me to check in with myself since I would forget due to unconsciousness.

Our Ego likes it that way. It does not want us focused on ourselves because then we would have to feel our feelings and the Ego does not believe we can manage them, nor does it want to deal with them. Our Ego is striving to be noticed, to be affirmed, valued, gain self worth from the outside, it does not care about you in the way it needs to. The Ego is totally irrational. We need to stop letting it drive the bus because it will drive you straight over the cliff. No one told us not to listen to this irrational voice in our head that we have been listening to all of our life. This is also part of the soul’s training, to overcome the Ego, with LOVE, we’ve never been taught this.

We all have the power to create balance within us and for each of us that might be something different. How do you balance yourself, your life? For me, I need to start my day off with prayer, meditating and journaling. It is how I center myself. It is how I go forward with the rest of my day. There are other things I like to do like dancing (I do this at home), swimming, cooking, spending time with friends and writing. It is very difficult to fit all of these things in a day and unless you are not working, it is not always possible. You do the best you can to balance your weeks so that they are dosed with things you like to do and fit them in as you can. By keeping your mind and heart balanced is where you start. Sometimes I have to take some quiet time and rebalance myself more than 1 time a day, depending on what is happening in my life.

Life will always throw you out of balance regularly, it is part of getting you prepared, like an obstacle course, you are always in spiritual training as a soul. Sometimes we can’t help what happens that throws us out of balance but we need to be present and aware of what is happening so we can use our skills to get back into balance. We all make choices every moment of the day and lots of times we can make a choice or series of choices that throws us out of balance because we are making them in an unconscious state of mind. The Ego loves when we are in this unconscious state of mind because that is how it controls us. I was amazed at how many ways the Ego is tricky and can get you to be overly strict with yourself or be totally permissive! The Ego can be disguised as both sides of the same coin. You are offered a caramel sundae just at the time you’ve put weeks into eating right. Ego says, “Don’t you dare have a single bite of that sundae, you always succumb to weakness!” or “Go ahead, you’ve been good for weeks you deserve a treat.” Interesting isn’t it?

Do not get frustrated or beat yourself up each day as you try to rebalance yourself. Deep breathing is very quick and always brings me back to center, clears the clutter out of my mind, so I can start over. When I first started on this journey I was using deep breathing at least hourly if not more often as I became aware of everything I was suppressing and all my feelings wanting to come up at the same time. It felt like lots of energy, anxiety and mixed emotions. Although this sounds scary, it is manageable and is part of the Spiritual Awakening. Your soul is saying, let’s go, let’s get all these feelings out of here, we have great things to do, we need to heal them and let them go, they are taking up all of our creative space! Deep breathing and journaling was my go to and still is when needed.

Balance is only elusive to the Ego. We can train our behavior to reset at various times of the day for a Balance Break….try it!

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