Everything in this world is a reflection of your internal dynamic, your conscious and unconscious thoughts and beliefs. All of the people, places and things that surround you in your life are really just a product of the ego’s extraordinary ability to project images. This is what creates the illusion that each of us lives in a world in which we are separate and apart from everything and everyone one that we encounter. It is the illusion of separation, the denial of Oneness. It creates a world of duality and multiverses. 

Can you shift your perception to view the complex external world as a mirror reflection of your internal dynamic? As you begin that perception shift you will start to see that your external reality is undergoing a deconstruction process which is mirroring what is happening in your internal dynamic. The purpose of this deconstruction is to help you recognize and release faulty concepts, beliefs, suppressed pain and anger, guilt and shame. It is the breakdown of your ego based thinking system and it represents the first step in a paradigm shift leading to higher consciousness.

Each person in your life is a mental projection that reflects your own internal dynamic to help you engage and interact with all of your aspects and beliefs. Through relationships you get to witness your own thought process. When awake and present you can discern which belief systems are Divine Truth. 

It is the ego’s projections, faulty perceptions and judgements that split, fragment and create the illusion of division within yourself, with others and God. This division is projected out into the world as enormous adversity. The splitting and fragmentation causes you to believe that there is both darkness and light within you and the world when there is only One Light.

The ego can become appalled when it unknowingly witnesses its reflection in others because it cannot see itself or the distorted creations it makes. Through relationships with others, you get a front row seat to yourself to learn lessons about unconditional love of self, expanding your heart, mind, perspective, compassion and Oneness. Most importantly, you must remember to laugh rather than judge all the hypocrisy that the mirror reflects otherwise the act of ‘seeing truth’ can be very painful. It is not intended to make you suffer but to awaken you to your Divine nature.

When you are able to recognize the entirety of your external world as being reflected aspects of yourself you begin to expand your self awareness. This creates the opportunity to heal the self judgement that prevents you from recognizing the truth that you are a completely whole and perfectly integrated being founded in God. Seeing all things as a mirror reflection is God’s way of awakening you to Oneness and how to love and accept yourself and others. At the same time, you come to understand your True Divine nature and all of the diverse cast of characters (aspects) that create your persona and your perception of yourself and the world around you.

This diverse cast of characters (your aspects) dominate and control most of your thought processes in a variety of different ways. In an unawakened state you are generally unaware of the enormous amount of aspect-driven and ego mind chatter that is constantly running through your mind. This chatter also generates enormous internal energies that make you feel the need to ‘do things’ or ‘take action.’ At times these actions can be very inspirational, but too often the energies manifest somewhere on a spectrum that runs between impulsive behaviors on the one hand and apathy on the other. 

You come to understand that many of these energies are illusions of memory generated by ego consciousness, generationally transmitted faulty beliefs (programming) and wounded voices arising from your past experiences. That energy is steeped in fear, scarcity and judgment. We call this victim consciousness. In an unawakened state, you are unwittingly playing all the roles of victim, villain and hero within your relationship stories. 

With many of these parts of you hidden away (your shadow side) by your judgmental ego you are unwittingly controlled by the thoughts and judgments that they generate. When you are unknowingly under the influence of your suppressed aspects you are unable to witness and understand your or other’s true Divine nature. The mirroring process is taking place so that you can constantly be given opportunities to embrace those hidden or suppressed aspects of self that long to be noticed and integrated. They need to be rescued from the exile that they have been living in, acknowledged and validated as welcomed parts of self.

At this present time on Earth everything that has been hidden in our shadow side is now saying ‘ I will no longer be pushed down. I matter and need to be validated as part of you.’ All the wounds, beliefs, pain, as well as your joy is rising to the surface to be healed, accepted and integrated once and for all. This concept of mirroring is complex and it will take time for you to see all the defense mechanisms, coping skills and beliefs that you bring into each relationship to protect yourself. Eventually, you will begin to see the polarities within yourself as they are acted out in your relationships with the external world. 

The immense amount of energy that you invest in relationships are created by thoughts, feelings and beliefs that motivate all of your responses and reactions to others and to everything around you. This is how your ‘stories’ are created. When you awaken, practice Spiritual concepts and move toward higher consciousness you are better able to take a calm step backward and simply witness the thought and energetic processes within rather than being dominated or affected by them. In an awakened state you are simply a non-judgmental witness. With much practice and Divine guidance you can look upon your diverse self and this chaotic world with love knowing that ultimately, Love is all that exists. 

However, having this knowledge does not mean that through your experience of life you won’t have personal preferences. What it does mean is that you can dislike something without judging it and allow others to have their preferences without feeling threatened. The deeper you go in understanding the mirror metaphor, the more you realize that you are not just seeing aspects of yourself but that you are interacting with your own self within all relationships, including your relationship with God. This means you are viewing how you feel, believe and treat your own self through your relationship with others. 

Accept the fact that each of us has created a shadow side filled with parts of us that are hurt, sad, angry, negative, deemed ugly or not good enough that prevents us from accepting our Divinity, wholeness and perfection. Once we become attuned to the mirroring process and how it works, we have unlimited opportunities to heal all of the difficult experiences and faulty beliefs about ourselves with Divine Truth. Each of us allowed ego consciousness to create a faulty alternate fragmented identity. The opportunities for healing and ascension into higher consciousness are enormous right now. The deconstruction is really a beautiful mess in the hands of God to reveal His Divine Love and Oneness to all of His creation.

All the chaos in our world is not a random event. It is an internal reflection of God working to rebuild and strengthen our Divine awareness that reminds us that we forgot the Truth of who we truly are and that we are already whole. That Truth comes through God’s Love and Wisdom and He awakens you at the perfect time when you are ready to open your mind and heart, listen and receive. God wants to share every moment with you in an intimate relationship of Oneness, teaching you the Truth about yourself…that you are Divine perfection in every way.

Invite Love in so you can understand that you are not broken. You are not a set of fragmented aspects. You are neither unworthy nor incomplete. You are not your internal judgmental mind-chatter. You are a whole, completely integrated being, perfect in every way…and that perfection, in God and as God, is your natural state. You are an extraordinary being. Your Divinity ensures your wholeness; it cannot be otherwise.

You cannot see your wholeness simply by observing the different aspects that you might see at any given moment. You need to see your wholeness as already given through your Divine nature, for it was Divine Love, your Creator, that gave you these aspects. This was to develop your own individual persona for living life within this physical virtual reality called Earth. 

Only God can teach you how to fully understand your experience, the beauty of your wholeness, the essence of your Holiness, for He is living through you as you. You are Creation. As pure Consciousness (God) you are the Creator and your own creation.

Relationships are God’s gift. They are a wonderful way to teach us about the meaning of unconditional love, of acceptance of others, and of yourself. Each person you meet is your brother or sister connected to you and in complete Oneness with you as God Consciousness. Each person has his or her own unique story, their own subjective experience of life/reality and Diving calling.

Every person we meet is the face of God. Each person appears to be different…different in size, shape, color, etc., but the differences are only superficial. Our goal is to see each person as the face of God, completely whole, completely Holy, Divinely developed, awakened, nurtured and unfolding at a Divinely orchestrated pace. Through this understanding you can fully appreciate and respect each person’s individual journey, as well as your own. 

Aside from that, we are all the same Light of Love, sharing the same faulty ego beliefs and variations of the same aspects. We may look completely different, but we are all One. We are Divine Love here on earth. There is no separation. Everyone’s goal is to ‘consciously’ return Home so that we may be Divinely prepared to play out the Divine role that we were created to play…bringing Heaven to Earth in our own special way under the protection, direction and guidance of God.

As we begin to heal we realize that there is only One Light, One Consciousness, One Energy, One Love.  All of your experience of self is designed and guided by God to help you reawaken to your Divinity. It is meant to be fun.

Example of my learning about the mirror concept  – Journal entry 4/30/16 – The Pool of Reflection with Jesus

Deb:  From what I remember of our discussion last night is that everything externally is a projection of me internally. I struggle understanding that if I am peaceful inside and Brian (my husband) gets angry, how am I projecting that?

Jesus: Debbie, I know this is hard to understand and it is okay, it will come to you in time. 

Deb: Are they just old emotions in me or frustrations I have during the day that are manifesting in Brian, the dog, the world, etc?

Jesus: Sort of and no. Let me try to explain. It is similar to looking into a pool of water and seeing your reflection. Whatever your emotion is, you will see in others. We have mixed emotions often so you will see a variety of your emotions in others. When you wake up in the morning, and even though you are in a good mood or peaceful there is an undercurrent of worry happening within, such as, what type of mood is Brian going to be in and yes, you are looking at him perceiving that he is distant and detached at times, but so are you. For example, when you are together you can get distracted with your phone, so you are doing the same. You cannot change him, per say, but you can recalibrate and be loving and present so you are not distracting yourself from the uncomfortable feeling of detachment that you see or feel at the moment. Many times you are detached from your own self, your emotions. You detach when you feel uncomfortable. You pull away because that’s what you are used to doing, your coping mechanism to not deal with Brian’s frustration, which is your own frustration within yourself. 

Deb: But isn’t that denying my own true feelings of sadness, aloneness and frustration of watching his pain and what he is doing to himself? I feel helpless. 

Jesus: The only thing you can do is have compassion through the eyes of love, otherwise you are reacting and allowing Brian’s behavior to shift you which then shows up as a projection of how you are feeling inside, which is typically negative about him being or appearing angry. (I did not allow my own anger so I did not know how to allow Brian to have that emotion. I was used to pushing my anger down). Stop allowing Brian’s fears or behaviors rob you of your happiness. You need to clear yourself when you witness uncomfortable behavior by reconnecting to Me and remembering the Truth of who the both of you are. Brian is on his own journey and it may not look like it, but he is working hard to understand and shift himself. Brian’s lesson is about faith and so is yours. Have faith that your prayers are getting answered. See Brian as perfect no matter what he does or speaks. This will help you shift and grow; you would only be judging yourself in the moment. We need to move towards acceptance of your feelings and processing them with love and without blame and allowing others to do the same.

Deb: I get upset when he swears at the dog, although, I know it can be annoying. Are these things not to bother me?

Jesus: If they are bothering you, you are sitting in judgment. You are not responsible for his feelings and actions. Do you see that he is being judgmental of the dog? You are judging Brian, this is a mirror reflection. We want to practice not being judgmental, fearful or detached while God is working in both of your hearts developing and awakening you to a higher consciousness. Brian is being challenged by a fear around money and you are doing a better job trying to be faithful with that. Debbie, understand that it is his emotions and behaviors you want to change so that you are more comfortable emotionally. If you are truly at peace, you don’t need to change his actions because you are not uncomfortable. When you become emotionally or physically uncomfortable then the projections start from you because you believe something is wrong or a problem and therefore another story is created. We don’t want to feel that we need to change people because they make us uncomfortable. We want to get better at taking responsibility, nurturing, accepting and loving ourselves regardless of how we feel or what we do. When you allow and accept your whole self as perfection and without judgment you allow others to be themselves. God takes care of all the rest and makes corrections as needed. This concept takes a lot of time and practice to understand and integrate.

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