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Welcome to my Master Class Series

“Journey to Spirit“

July 11 – August 8, 2020

5 Consecutive Saturdays

2:00 – 3:30pm EDT

Cultivate This Divine Relationship to Master Your Internal World
and Create a More Joyful, Peaceful, Passionate, Purposeful World

Welcome to my Master Class #1


“Getting Started: How to Connect to Divine Love and Heal Yourself“

Meet your Spiritual Guide or deepen the relationship with the ones that you know

Saturday, July 11
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Chances are you’ve been sensing something isn’t quite right with you lately. If you’re suspecting that what you are feeling may be Spiritual Symptoms, the beginning of an awakening process, then you have come to the right place. Part of becoming Spiritually or Consciously awake means clearing out the clutter in your heart so you can connect to the Love that exists and transform into who you were created to be.

Start the Healing process of releasing the burdens of pain, aloneness, separation and love that get in the way of connecting with Divine Love.

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$39.95 One Master Class

Welcome to my Master Class #2


“Unlock the Power of Divine Guidance to Heal Your Heart“

Learn how to heal your wounded inner child and integrate all aspects of self with Love

Saturday, July 18
2:00pm – 3:30pm

You are pure love and innocence, just like you regard a small child. Your purity never changes, yet, overtime many have learned to focus on the outer world and neglect our inner child which is a very important part of our Spirit. The inner child is the foundation of our joy, fun, imagination and wonderment. It plays a role in our creativity and purpose.

  • Do you ever wonder why you keep re-experiencing the pain of the same old feelings you had from earlier times in your life, such as, childhood, adolescence or young adulthood.
  • Or, why do you believe, think or act certain ways – as if you have no impulse control in certain areas of your life?

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    $39.95 One Master Class


Welcome to my Master Class #3


“Becoming Whole: How to Use your Spirit Guides to Transform Your Old Programming“

Understanding your Chain Reactions from Thought to Feeling to Action That Keep you from Feeling Fulfilled and Whole

Saturday, July 25
2:00pm – 3:30pm

    • Why do you do the things you do? Especially those things that you don’t really want to do, but feel compelled to.
    • Why don’t you do the things that you do want to do, especially the ones you are passionate about?
    • Why might you feel anxiety, worried, stressed, sad, unworthy or angry often?
    • Do you ever wonder why you are not experiencing more joy and passion in your life?

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$39.95 One Master Class

Welcome to my Master Class #4


“How to Balance Your Energy and Stay in Vibrational Alignment“

Understand the vibration of energy and how to balance it to stay in a Divine flow of peace

Saturday, August 1
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Are you ready for a life changing experience? It’s time to stop relying on others to shift your energy or keep you in balance emotionally, physically, mentally or Spiritually. The most loving thing you can do for yourself and the world at large is to learn how to harness the power of Divine love and balance your energy.

Creating a new you and new world occurs when you learn to see yourself as the vibration of love and sustaining it over time.

Join me for this Divinely guided experiential event and learn how to feel into the expansiveness of your Divine heart. Learn how to bring forth more love and joy into your life to share with others.

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$39.95 One Master Class

Welcome to my Master Class #5

“Divine Love Mastery: How to Transform All Your Relationships“

Learn how to Master your Relationships and Self with the Transformative Power of Divine Love

Saturday, August 8
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Like the movie Groundhog Day, do you feel like you keep getting presented with similar issues, relationships and circumstances over and over again that leave you feeling stuck and confused? Maybe the players or circumstances are wrapped in a different time, era or person, but the basic issues remain the same. Much of these issues come from a belief in victim consciousness.

It’s time to understand why there are so many recurrences of the same old patterns of experiences, faulty beliefs and feelings. Let’s break out of falling for the old story and rewrite a new one.

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$39.95 One Master Class

Welcome to my 90 Day Intensive


“90 Day Intensive: Heal Thyself“

A Spiritual Journey Toward Healing Inner Wounds and Emotional Pain

August 11 – Oct. 27, 2020
Weekly on Tuesdays for 12 weeks
7:30pm – 9:30pm EDT

It’s time to finally validate those parts of you that need to be seen, felt, healed and loved. These parts keep sabotaging you and manifest in your life as obstacles, such as fear, procrastination, guilt, shame, depression, ego, anxiety, relationship issues, financial issues and of course physical pain, weight gain and health hurdles. You now know that all the tools lie within you, not outside of you.

I have worked with hundreds of people leading seemingly successful lives and careers that are harboring wounds and inner conflict that stop them from true success, joy and living in their true purpose. If you’ve felt incomplete or that something just seems to be missing in your life, your relationships or in your career, I invite you to keep going inside.

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Cost for the weekly 90 day Intensive Group is $300.00 that is $25.00 a group!! Deadline to register is August 9.

“The content of Deb’s class was wonderful and exactly what I personally was looking for. There were some clarifications on concepts that Deb helped me understand better and I loved gaining more insight to. I appreciate the pricing model as it allowed me to be able to afford the class. I can’t think of anything that would be better. The experience was exactly what I was hoping it would be and the experience shared will help me moving forward on this journey.”

Master Class Participant

“I trusted Deb and could tell that her knowledge came from spirit, because her responses were always loving and perfect for me. She allowed everyone to speak. I loved every class and now need time to digest and practice the meditations.”
Master Class participant

“I loved the way Deb explained all the information! I wrote many things down that inspired me and ways she said things! She was very patient, humble and knowledgeable! I loved this class.”
Master Class Participant

“The content of the master class was simply amazing, and a good mix of intermediate and advanced. There is definitely scope to go deeper in some areas as some of what Deb shared was so profound! Nuggets of gold came from Deb’s classes, falling upon me like pennies from heaven. I genuinely believe that someone could enter Deb’s classes with a firm and fixed set of beliefs and still walk away with another layer added to their knowledge. Deb is a wonderful facilitator of knowledge and director of conversation. She is so inclusive and encouraging, and I am simply so thankful to have been involved in her classes.”
Master Class Participant

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