Master Class #2

Hurtful patterns replay over and over again with some of the same people or new relationships or circumstances. Why is this so? This is so we can heal and let go of them. Those aspects of yourself are still alive yet buried under a busy or distracted life. Sometimes they are buried by denial of the pain although it still exists from long ago.

In this 90 minute course:

  • You will connect to Divine Love and gain access to your Spiritual guide and Higher Self
  • Learn how to recover your inner child and bring healing to the many wounds it might have endured with the assistance of Divine Love.
  • Expand your awareness of how to utilize your Spiritual guidance to help heal a wound, belief, experience or behavior that has been affecting you your whole life
  • Attain how to create safety within yourself
  • Gain understanding of why you need to love all aspects of yourself without judgment
  • Master meditative tools to bring more peace, love, passion, joy and purpose into your life

It is time for your wounded child to be loved, heard, validated and integrated with you.

Now I know that allowing yourself to feel your pain and relive difficult experiences can be scary. I know that some of you have no idea how to start, what to look for and what to do with the “stuff” that will come up for you during this process. I know, at the onset of my awakening, I was scared too, feeling very alone and not understanding what was happening within me. I will help guide you in expanding your understanding that you can indeed manage your feelings with great love, especially with Divine guidance.

I will teach you tools to learn how to love and heal these parts of you that are desperately looking for your attention. Until those wounded aspects of yourself are healed they will be guiding your life instead of the Spiritual adult that needs to be in charge of you. The tools I will teach you will help you be able to continually work on this yourself.

Because we are working with Divine Love during our session, most of my clients have felt great release after 1 session.

In this safe, loving environment you will explore some of your pain, feel it and release it to unlock your heart that holds all your potential, passion, love, joy, and purpose waiting to come alive in you.

$39.95 One Master Class

$179.78 Package of 5 classes (10% discount!)

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