Are you ready to:

  • Bring love and understanding to existing and new relationships?
  • Look at the stories you have written because of experiences and faulty beliefs?
  • Accept and allow the fullness of you with no judgment?
  • Feel worthy of love and learn how to validate yourself?
  • Be your own best friend and loving parent to yourself?
  • Have more joy in your life and stand in your true essence?
  • Respect and honor yourself so you have the courage to step into your purpose and passion?
  • Take control of your internal world to create joy in your outer world?

Then this class will be a great starting point to connect with your authentic self with the help of your Divine connection.

You are a whole being, yet you can feel fragmented by parts of you that need to be healed, validated and integrated with love and grace. Feeling separate and not whole is actually self-rejection. Spiritual transformation is bringing yourself back to the Divine wholeness that you are recognizing that Divine wholeness in others. This understanding and acceptance is what transforms all your other relationships.

In this 90 minute course:

  • Start seeing yourself and others as a whole being with diverse thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as everyone is Divine perfection and innocent.
  • Understand how to step into your authentic self with the help of your Spiritual guide and Higher Self and yes, we will learn how to connect if you have not experienced this beautiful union yet.
  • Recognize your wholeness as a diverse being and learn how to embrace your truth and magnificence by learning to master your internal world.
  • Live in harmony and peace within by accepting, allowing and loving yourself with compassionate Grace.

In this safe, loving environment you will tap into your unlimited potential to create peace and harmony within yourself, for your relationships, and the outer world. Let’s make this an amazing year by going forward feeling empowered to shine and loving your life.

$39.95 One Master Class

$179.78 Package of 5 classes (10% discount!)