Master Class #1

In this 90 minute course, you can learn to:

  • Start to understand who you truly are
  • Connect to Divine Love and gain access to your
  • Spiritual guide and Higher Self
  • Learn how painful events keep you conflicted and distracted from your Divine nature.
  • Start to release painful experiences with Divine guidance
  • Learn how to increase your vibrational frequencies to feel the fullness of your own love and live in joy
  • Learn meditative tools to bring more peace, love, passion, joy and purpose into your life

Most of us were not taught how to deal with the pain we carry. We either suppress it or spill it out onto everyone else. Many of us don’t know how to face the pain within, embrace it, heal it with Love and let it go.

On the Spiritual path, we learn that we are responsible for ourselves and there is no room for blame only forgiveness of self and others. But we are not doing this alone, we are going to connect within to access Divine Love for all of our healings.

In this safe, loving environment you will explore some of your pain, feel it and release it to unlock your heart that holds all your potential, passion, love, joy, and purpose waiting to come alive in you.

Join me, and together we will start to learn how to gracefully let go with the power of love and raise our vibration.

$39.95 One Master Class

$179.78 Package of 5 classes (10% discount!)

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