Master Class #3

There are reasons for all of these

In this course you will learn how we get programmed and create a rule book as children to find ways to get our needs met that really have no basis in reality. Believe it or not, we are still unconsciously guided by that beautiful innocent child’s rule book today as grown adults. As a child we had to be creative to feel loved, cared for, validated or accepted at times; or even keep ourselves safe to deal with fearful or hurtful experiences. These powerful needs created beliefs and coping skills that are outdated and don’t work anymore.

It is time to understand what energy is motivating you in your decisions and actions in order to break free from rules or behavior that are self sabotaging and interfere with you experiencing your full life and self with love and acceptance.

This class is a stepping stone for you to finally see the real you, your Divine perfect self and remove the faulty self and beliefs that keep you free from being you. We will connect with our Spiritual guides to help us see, release and dismantle these old chains of thinking patterns. Don’t worry if you have not made a Divine connection yet – we are going to work on that too!

This will be an interactive class. We will dive deep into your inner world with Divine guidance so be ready to embrace all of your beautiful self with love, grace and compassion.

In this 90 minute course

  • Connect to Divine Love and gain access to your Spiritual guide and Higher Self
  • Understand, identify and dismantle some of your chain reactions of Thought to Feelings to Behaviors that were created as children and turned into unconscious automatic programming
  • Learn why you keep doing things that you don’t want to do and not doing the things that you want to do.
  • Become more aware of your unconscious motivation and feel more in control of yourself – making decisions that are in your highest good
  • Gain mastery of meditative tools to bring more peace, love, passion, joy and purpose into your life

In this safe, loving environment you will experience a greater understanding of your internal world. Let’s unlock your heart that holds all your potential, passion, love, joy, and purpose waiting to come alive in you.

$39.95 One Master Class

$179.78 Package of 5 classes (10% discount!)

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