Master Class #4

In this 2 hour masterclass:

  • You will connect to Divine Love and gain access to your Spiritual guide and Higher Self
  • You will understand ‘Energy’ and how you personally balance, transmute and transform it.
  • You will expand your awareness of higher consciousness teachings, experience and witness the energetic flow of Divine Love.
  • This class will increase self-love and connection with the Light that is your Divine nature
  • Learn meditative tools to bring more peace, love, passion, joy and purpose into your life

We will use visual guided imagery techniques to learn how to connect with your Spiritual guide and embody Divine Love in order to keep your energy in balance. This technique can be used at any time you feel you are out of balance in any area of your life. This tool will become a healing practice for yourself to keep remembering you are One with the Light.

In this safe, loving environment you will tap into your unlimited potential to create peace within yourself and the outer world.

$39.95 One Master Class

$179.78 Package of 5 classes (10% discount!)

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