Today we uphold peace in the world. It is an honor to remember that we are One world and to work to preserve its integrity as it was meant to be when it was created – by being peaceful. There is true value in understanding that we are all One with God and can never be separated from perfect love or from one another, for love binds us together. It is the fundamental nature of all things. It is only when we forget that we were made from and as Love that we lose our peace. Peace is God’s eternal gift to everyone, but it seems a blessing that continues to elude us.

On this day you can reclaim God’s beautiful gift by making a vow of peace towards your own self and towards humanity remembering that God still reigns, and that love, peace and joy are our true nature. We are together as One in this world. Peace is not something you fight for it is something you graciously choose to accept. God loves you so – just as you are for we are One Love, One Heart and God’s Joy. Peace be with you.

May the peace of God touch every thought, every heart, every home, every mind and body, and spread throughout the world in which we live. Amen.

©Debbie N. Goldberg
A Divinely Ordered Life

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