What is God Consciousness?

Jesus:  It is a state of mind or state of being. You recognize it as being present, or in a ‘now’ moment, but it is much more expansive than that. Consciousness is the awareness of the Oneness of everything. Oneness or One energy is all that exists; there is nothing else. Oneness is Divine Love, Joy, Light, and Knowledge. It is God’s power and creativity.

Imagine yourself on a beautiful float in a big luxurious swimming pool. Imagine that this pool is God’s Loving soothing energy – Consciousness. God is always holding the float close, steady and balanced. The float device is actually a metaphor for our mind that believes it floats in a sea of conscious and unconscious thought which creates an illusion of duality. 

Swimming pools have a filtering system that creates movement in the water similar to a current. Metaphorically, it feels like there is an energetic current within us. This current is always pulling our mind away from the awareness that God has us centered within Him. The current is similar to a trance state or veil of unconsciousness that continually and gently lulls our mind away from reality; from God. It lures us out of a state of awareness, which we call presence, and into a sleep-like state of unconsciousness where we are adrift in a sea of thoughts. 

Within this unawakened or unconscious state we can become lost in a memory bank filled with happy, fearful and painful thoughts and experiences. Lost in these thoughts we begin to create stories about the past, present and future and we focus on what we need to do to feel safe or accomplish goals. These preoccupations and projections monopolize our conscious thinking mind. In this state we can feel lost, worried and alone. We may forget our joy, our true state of well-being and our connection to our Creator, ourselves and others. Our entire perception of life can become skewed and unbalanced. This then skews how we perceive life. Each one of us are having our own unique subjective experience of our physical existence. You can see how this might complicate things as we interact with each other.

We can get stuck in this current/trance for moments, years or for an entire lifetime. We may wake up at times and realize we have been drifting in this unawakened state of spiritual slumber filled with faulty beliefs. Luckily, there is also an invisible tether that always keeps the float (us) securely connected to God even though we may believe we are separated or moving further away from God we are not. God is always gently calling us back to unity and oneness with Him. He beckons us with His soft, still inner voice to return Home to Divine revelation,Truth. God is always giving us an opportunity to become present again. In Divinely timed moments God lifts the veil of unconsciousness in order for us to reconnect and remember we are Divine and eternally supported by Him; that we can never be separated. 

We become awakened when we begin to realize that this current/trance is always tugging on us. From this awareness we will want to stay in the present rather than becoming mesmerized by the enticing lullabye that induces a state of unconscious slumber. This is the challenge for all seekers wanting to remain in an awakened state. When we are awake and fully present, we remember that God is always holding us steady in perfect balance and harmony with Him, regardless of where or when our mind may wonder. God is always guiding us on our journey. There is never a chance of our being separated from God; there is only Oneness. Be gentle with yourself as you notice the tendency to drift in and out of unconsciousness. It is simply a part of the ongoing process of awakening; a Divine creation, intimately guided and orchestrated for Spirit (us) to participate in a physical existence. Staying present is just the beginning of going deeper and higher into God Consciousness.

©Debbie N. Goldberg
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