Join Susan and I as we bring a beautiful blend of Higher Consciousness learning along with Biblical stories and terms from our unique Spiritual experiences in order to facilitate Spiritual clarity and healing. You can call in with your Divine stories of healing or for healing, guidance and prayers @ 347-202-0232. The show is designed to help you gain clarity in your understanding of who your Creator truly is, and how to connect in order to communicate and hear its will for you as you discover the purpose for your life. We are here to guide you to true happiness, love and joy & that only happens by going within. Your Creator is waiting for you to be in an intimate relationship. You are the only one who can open the door, and we are here to help you do it. Life is not the same when you don’t know the love of your Creator. This podcast series is not about changing your religious or Spiritual perspectives or practices. It is about enhancing and expanding them so that you have a deeper, more nourishing, loving and enriching experience within the context of your own personal Divine connection.

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