We are all beautiful lanterns of light to each other, although we don’t always know when our lantern is shining a light for someone. Whether our light is dim or glowing we are all unknowingly teaching and helping each other in a variety of ways.

Our goal is to become the brightest light we can be for it touches all of humanity. It is our light that illuminates the universe. The light is brilliantly luminescent because it is God’s light or Source which ever you prefer. Our creator’s light lives inside our hearts, and has been placed there purposefully for us to seek so that we can be taught healing, love, wisdom, passion and purpose which we can then expand and integrate into higher levels of consciousness.

The quest for meaning, purpose, and the maturation and evolution of our soul, is the Spiritual journey. The journey accelerates and expands our capacity to hold and elevate light and love for ourselves and others. Although this might sound easy it is not. It takes a lot of time and practice through meditation/prayer to achieve this expansion. In fact it can take many incarnations to achieve. This, however, does not negate the light that already exists within.

Our humanity is so complex, it creates barriers and resistance to searching deep within ourselves. It takes obedience, patience and commitment to make this inner search your goal. As humans, we are all looking for validation, safety, acceptance, love and connectedness. Many of us have learned to look outside of ourselves for this fulfillment and yet, we do not feel whole.

As part of our humanity, our ego’s role is Spiritually purposeful in creating lessons so that our soul can evolve. Spiritual evolution is never easy. Our ego keeps us focused on the outside world and other peoples light. We are attracted to the ethereal shinning light of others because that is what is calling to you within and your light is no different. You are seeing a mirror image of yourself in your highest form, your Divinity, which is entwined with your humanity. Due to us being a part of a cosmic collective consciousness, we are all privileged to the same knowledge, wisdom, love and light and our soul recognizes this light as a kindred spirits.

The more you search inside and understand that you are already equipped with everything you will need for your time here, the more you will experience lasting peace, joy, contentment, creativity and love for your journey. The map for your journey lies within you and you alone. No one else has your map or knows your path. As others shine their light on us we are to dive inside ourselves to find our unique map/path. The deeper we dive the more treasure is found and the brighter our own light becomes as we endlessly unearth gifts in all different forms.

You will find that you lack nothing and are everything. If you rely too heavily on everyone else’s light to guide you, you never have enough time or enough desire to search inside yourself to learn what your own light’s higher purpose truly is.

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